Thursday, 16 February 2017

73: Redcoat part 3 - I hate it!

I started to make a new coat a few weeks ago. To be honest with Christmas I found loads of distractions so it is was not going very fast at all. I seem to be making party clothes in preference to this. Partly its down to finding excuses to make party clothing instead. And Christmas fairies for the tree! See here and here for more on these.

All I have done so far is pin my bottom coat bits to my top bodice bits and cut out my lining.
Then I have spent all of January just looking at it.
I  obviously need to ensure all my seams join at all the right points so this is my reason for taking so long over this bit.

But the trouble is I hate it!!!

It all lines up etc.

But I just do not see me wearing it!

What a pain!

I think really I do not like the waist seam and if I was making a long coat which obviously was my intention when I cut it out I would prefer to have more smooth lines with less seams from top to bottom. I do like princess seams but I don't like this.

I just hate to waste expensive fabric. Or even cheap fabric for that matter. Well I do have more of this fabric so it occurs to me that this coat pattern also has 3 other views. One of which is the view  bought it for.
I could re-use all but the skirt pieces and use the same lining bits but just cut some peplum skirt bits from the rest of my fabric which I believe I will have enough of.

My lining bits

Image result for burda peplum jacketThis is what I am seriously thinking of making because I love it. I bought the pattern for this jacket but then decided to make the coat but I really think I would wear this. In fact this pattern is what got me interested in Burda.

My only concern is if my fabric is a bit too thick for it. Red velvet sounds OK though. This is actually upholstery fabric so very chunky. But it might work and I have already wasted half of it if I do not finish this so onwards I go................

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Monday, 6 February 2017

84: Burda style weird sleeved top

  I am doing lots of writing at the moment. As in typing rather than pen and paper. My PhD funding runs out start of March so I need to finish now and get it submitted.  Anyway the room I do the majority of my typing in is often quite cold. What I wanted was something I can wear on top of whatever else I put on and keep warm whilst I write and write and write. What I needed was a blanket that I can wear. I fancied making this top anyway as soon as I saw it.

Its quirky enough to appeal to me and supposedly an easy pattern. Its yet another item from Burda Style November 2016, style 108. Well I said already in a previous post that for some reason I am obsessed by that particular magazine!

This is in fact really an easy pattern or would have been if I had thought about it rather than follow Burda's as usual flawed instructions - I will learn eventually! The neckline straps and the back facing can actually all be sewn at once which I didn't suss out till afterwards.

I do not like the back facing because despite fiddling around with it, it simply does not work. Maybe that's because I used fleece. Who knows? It catches and pulls up all the time. It is not that it does not lay properly when lying flat on a table because it does so could be my fabric choice. I also think the way this dress/ top is constructed is not just a bit weird but very amateurish.

This is made from two very cheap Ikea blankets. The cheapest Ikea sell in fact. I think they were £4.00 each. You do need to be very careful though when cutting out in electric lighting because its even harder than usual to tell which side is the right side. In daylight its obvious so if you use these for anything cut out in the daytime.
Its all overlocked except I never bothered to finish the edges since it will not fray. Its twin needle hemmed. Took probably about 2 hours including tracing time.

Of course it would look a million times better if I had been wearing something different under it rather than my raglan top, but there - this is my real life. And it was made mainly as a jumper to keep me warm while writing rather than to wear out down the pub.

 If I make another one I intend to use the front pattern piece for both the front and back because I think it would look better but that's just my own personal taste maybe. I would make it again but possibly as a T-shirt rather than a jumper. However it does work and it keeps me lovely and toasty. Well except for my feet!

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

83: A long sleeved top for winter

Well after the slight success of my TMS party tops I decided to have yet another go at Newlook 6230 but this time I was ready for a wide neckline.  I also had another go at overlocking my white stretch lace - again this was not a success. I had similar problems to the last time here:

This time I used a 90's style of embelishment with some bits of scrap fabric ad lace which I hand sewed over the join in the lace and I added a removeable brooch to this.

 It makes for a slightly ornate neck when the rest of the top is very basic.  I made the back slightly longer than the front but not as much as a normal Hi-Lo top. I also made the sleeves longer cos what I am really after is a cuddly warm overtop for wearing to the office this winter.

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

82: cuddly camo for me too!

The Photo-bombing chicken is called Emily.

Well New Year is traditionally for sportswear making it seems and I really need these. Not really to do sort in but just for life. I really love my Lekala trousers I made right at the beginning of my adventures into my 100 Garments project.

I have worn them to death near enough despite the fact they are far from perfect to the extent they are downright badly made. Very "homemade" in fact! I doubt if any sewing bloggers or sewists in general would mistake them for RTW.
Still, I love them anyway and I had to start to make clothing somewhere. So here we are with a second version, made from the same fabric I used for my other half's hoody.

 This time though I did not want the double fabric at the hem or the side leg splits so I added the piece for this ( folded in half to reduce the length where it is meant to be doubled) onto the each leg pattern piece. It makes for a normal trouser length rather than the 90's style of the first pair.
Instead of a hem I added a strip of fabric twin needle stitched to the edge which gives a nice raw edge effect but twin needle stitching and the extra strip of fabric should stop it going to out of shape.

You can just about see what I mean in these photos.

And I love them! I have worn them for about a week now and just keep reaching for them over everything else. Sadly I cannot currently get away with wearing them to work but for the rest of my life they have rapidly become a favourite item of clothing.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

80: Velvet slip dress

Burdastyle 11/2016 - 113
After making my So Sew Easy dress I had some more velvet left so rather than stash it I decided to make a slip dress from the rest of it. After all, the #TMS unstashed challenge is supposed to be about not stashing the fabric you bought at Christmas. I bought this just after Christmas with the idea of making something to go out on New Years Eve and made sequin tops instead so best to use it all up because my fabric stash is already large enough to get me through an entire year of sewing without adding anything to it!

This dress is from the November 2016 issue of Burda Magazine and is dress 113.  For some reason I particularly like this issue of Burda which is weird because I did not buy it when it came out but bought it off ebay just after Christmas when I bought my fabric as part of an ebay buying binge.

I have cut out several items from this issue and it looks to be a favourite since I also traced lots of patterns ready to cut so its an epic mag for some reason despite my originally not liking anything in this issue!

This is a very wearable dress either on it's own or with a T-shirt.
 I left out the back frill because I think it will be much more wearable for every-day life without with the frill included and I want to wear this.
Its a bit too party-ish with the frill. The facings are black stretch crepe. Its all overlocked and twin needle hemmed. I found the Burda instructions a complete muddle. Everything was in the wrong order and I would make it completely differently next time and I expect to make several of these in different fabrics because its lovely. Its meant to be cut on the cross but I did not do that because it would look a bit weird being velvet but the next one I would probably do it on the cross.
Unfortunately, I found that my fluorescent yellow top does not photograph well at all in these pictures and to be honest we have a small frosting of snow today. It does not show on our patio but the grass is slightly frosted like a Christmas card here and there, so its pretty cold outside, and I was not going to spend any longer freezing for pictures so these will have to do for now.
I think its a lovely dress which can be worn with trainers and a bike jacket or to go out on the town. What I did not realise until I had made this was there is a fault in the fabric:

Its just above knee level. I am toying with cutting the bottom off and shortening the dress to get rid of this but when I asked my other half he could not see this so maybe I am the only one who will notice.

I have yet to decide if I will shorten it but it does seem a shame because its a risk. Shortening things can look great but I am rarely sure until I do it and some lovely dresses and skirts have been ruined when I have done this so now I am a bit in a quandary. If I had realised I would have designed my cutting to avoid it but I never noticed until I had finished hemming the dress.

So, to shorten? Or not to shorten?
Main_largeAnd here are my upcycled boots. I put glitter stars on these using just glitter glue. They are inspired by this Burda blog post.

Though as usual I did it slightly differently. I did not add extra glitter but just painted the stars with Pound Shop glitter glue which I bought on a whim ages ago.

They go rather well with my dress don't you think?
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Saturday, 14 January 2017

79: Velvet dress

I got this really lovely pattern in my email back in the Autumn and never got round to making it. Its a free SoSewEasy pattern. I have collected loads of these free patterns from Deb and Mayra at So Sew Easy but never until now got round to making one. I love this kind of dress though. It was the wardrobe staple of my youth and I made loads of versions. Obviously not from this particular pattern since that was new when I got it but it was a popular dress style at the end of the 1970's into the mid-80's. I used to make my own of course but to do that I used to draw round an existing dress. So anyway, when I had this arrive in my inbox I had to make it. The Monthly Stitch un-stashed challenge came along so why not?

I actually sewed this up on Twelth night hence we are in the process of taking down the decorations which you can just about see in the background and I am wearing exercise-wear under this dress so it is not shown at its best really. Having said that though I will probably wear it as a T-shirt over some kind of trousers or leggings for the next few months so this is how it will look till the spring comes.

crushed velvet dress

The fabric was from ebay and was really bought to make a dress for New Years Eve but I got obsessed by sequins so it would have gone into my stash if it was not for The Monthly Stitch! Its simply overlocked with twin needle stitched hem. I just did a quick T-shirt style neck-band which is probably something I will change in version two because its not quite right. Its wearable and comfortable though as well as warm. I am intending to make several more of these as well because its a big success in my wardrobe already! 

 Thank you, So Sew Easy for the pattern. 
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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

78: Cuddle camo top for my man

If you click on the picture there are several views here

It is getting very cold now. My other half is very undemanding clothing-wise and I worry sometimes because I do not make much for him. I actually made this as a warm cuddly top to wear over Christmas but never had time to post it then. He usually likes hoodies and this is a lightweight sweatshirt fabric. I used Newlook 6142 for this. It is entirely overlocked with twin needled hems. I had previously used the same pattern as the basis for a waterproof here:
That had meant lots of extra bits needed to be drafted though. This top was much more basic. I never even added a pocket. I made the sleeves a bit longer since the last time he found them too short. I have yet to shorten them to what he actually needs but better a bit long than too short! I will eventually rectify that. From cutting out to completing this took about an hour to make.

Since he has virtually lived in it since making I obviously need to make several more of these kind of tops for him.
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