Thursday, 10 August 2017

Navy blue work trousers from Burda 7122 and a second black pair as well!

Well I have not got very far with making a new wardrobe for my man. I have, however, made yet another 2 pairs of Burda 7122 trousers for work. These blue trousers are 4-way stretch cotton ( I think!) from an end of roll off Ebay. Cost 99p for about 3m so seriously cheap. Downside, when I washed these is they have to be ironed. They crease something rotten so no easy work clothes here. For summer though they are brilliant cos the fabric is more a shirt weight than a trouser weight. I made these knowing that though because it has been very hot and muggy and all my work-worthy trousers are just too thick for the weather. Once ironed these look smart enough though the colour reminds me of school uniform but whatever! These are nice.

Then I made another pair- these are from the same fabric as the first pair here - or at least I believe it is the same fabric as the first pair:

Again from a very cheap remnant/end of roll off Ebay. Although this pair were a bit of a risk in that I made one leg piece from the rest of what was left from the first pair and then the other three leg bits are made from the two bits of fabric I bought at the same time as I bought

the fabric for that pair so I was a bit unsure if the fabric was exactly the same but it did look the same and they worked out Ok and I am happy with them. It all came from the same seller. I cannot even in daylight see any difference in colour, texture or anything else so I think the seller was just listing them separately to get as much money as possible. My three pairs of work trousers cost me just under £3 for fabric and the cost of 3 invisible zips ( about £4 for them) also from Ebay although the quality of my invisible zips is pretty poor so I may end up having to replace them at some point. Still for now its pretty good cos at last I have bearable clothes for work.

As you can see despite me shortening the pattern by 3 inches so about 7cm and still doing a wide hem they are still a bit long for me if worn with flat shoes so at some point soon I will have to sort that out else I will end up with a 90's style frayed hem dragging on the floor with me walking on the bottom of them all the time. Both of these pairs of trousers are a size smaller than the first pair I made and fit me much better. They are also much better made and finished and I made both pairs in about an hour and a half - not including cutting out time. I am getting into this idea of making several items from one pattern now. It certainly does improve the finish of what I make and make it far more RTW-ish.

Also before I finish writing this blog post I really need to brag about something. When I wore my navy trousers to work, I also wore this top:
And people I work with thought I bought it. I did not tell them I made it. That really made me happy because some of my early clothes definitely would NOT pass for RTW at all.

Overall though I am happy with my work clothes experiment so far. I now need some nice tops.

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Friday, 4 August 2017

Now thats what I call cullottes!

I hate the modern culottes. I have tried several patterns I don't like any of 'em. Sorry people but I just don't. So I started looking about two years ago now for a pattern I made ages ago.  It took me two years to track down this pattern and I could only find it in size 14. This is my first vintage pattern and is for cullottes from 1985-ish. The pattern says 1987 on it but this was when the previous owner must have bought it. 

In the mid 80s I made this pattern:

In the end I bought this pattern for $27 including shipping from an American seller. I made this in 1985. Then it was in pink and white cow-print cotton. But I was young then! Bearing in mind I originally made an 8, I was a bit unsure but remembered it to be easy to alter. I think as it turns out regardless what my RTW clothing says I am no longer a 1980s size 8. However I am also not yet a 1980s size 14 because I needed to take it in several inches. Better bigger than smaller tho! Easy to alter.

Now I did the same this time as in the 1980 because I do not like the plain shorts back of these patterns so I used the front piece in view 3 for both front and back. It worked in the 80s so why not now. You end up with a pleated back as well as pleated front that really does resemble a skirt. In black its kind of school-ish but still ok and very good as part of my new working wardrobe.

So I spent $27 for just one pattern piece in the end. Still I am very happy with the results despite my mistakes.

 Well mistakes! I was obviously a more experienced sewist back then because I remember this being so easy to make. Not so this time. Partly it was down to my choice of fabric which was satin backed black stuff. No idea what fibre. Another ebay bargain! It feels quite luxurious though so is very nice to wear for work. I used the satin side for the waistband which I cut as a size 14 and never bothered to shorten - mistake number 1:

 It is a vintage button which may be bakerlite, Came from a stash I inherited from my Great Aunts. 
Problem number two: never cut excess fabric off waitband so I could not get either of my machines to sew a buttonhole! Sorted by faking it with a snap on the inside! It works.

Then there is the basting! It says to machine baste the pleats so I did both front and back as directed but then realised it marks the fabric - probably permanently. I will find out for sure if the marks come out when I wash them but I suspect the small holes made from the stitches will be there forever. You can just about see in the photo below:

Each pleat is folded, sewn and then topstitched to hold it in place and guess what? I actually steamed the pleats properly. They worked a treat and I am really proud of myself here! They were even intact after sitting at work most of the day setting up a database. Yes I have cracked this. Picture below shows sewn pleat.

So all in all despite the cock-up of marking my fabric badly - which in the office I work in probably no one is going to notice anyway and the lack of proper button hole I like these culottes better than the other versions I have made with modern patterns. I am intending to make a second more fun pair asap. But first some work tops I think since I am struggling with them too and a couple more pairs of trousers.

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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Working wardrobe :1

So back in May I decided what I really need to make is work clothes. This a very boring project but has the upside that at least I should end up with clothing that fits comfortably rather than most of the RTW stuff I already own that is very dated being bought back in the early 2000,s. I NEED this stuff rather than want it so forgive me for being practicle for a few weeks whilst I make some work clothes.

So first off here,s Burda 7122 View A.

  Unfortunately not the best photos ever but I broke my phone so Mick took these and his camera is not so good. They do look pretty similar to the pattern. Being naturally lazy I missed out the belt loops but may have to add them retrospectively depending on how they wear in because I think I should have made a size smaller. Still these are the prototype. I have cut out a second pair already. The fabric is four way stretch. I think probably polyester. Like normal suit fabric from a shop like Next. No cheapo stuff although I bought this about two years ago from a shop that was closing down and it cost just 99p for about 4m. Downside is my 4m are in three bits but its looking like finally I have a purpose for this. 
  I actually attempted my first invisible zip. It worked but I chose to use the Blank Slate method which uses a normal zipper foot and it doesn't get close enough to the teeth so ends up "not quite invisible". The inside and all seams are overlocked. I did a deep hem because I am not as tall as the pattern is meant for but its given the trousers some weight which makes them drap well.


And finally here's a very nice looking Canada goose!

I just had to include him ( or her) because he's lovely!
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Rose Blonde Hair Yeah!

I decided to be brave and go for Rose Blonde instead of my usual natural blonde hair dye. Tho obviously I have had red hair and peach hair as people may have noticed in older blog posts but I was a student and it was nice to be able to be me. Now I am in an office where its a smart casual but definitely with emphasis on the "smart". So its OK but I do feel a bit fake. So, I decided to take a chance knowing I am temping anyway and it will fade being a  semi permanent in a few washes anyway. Also we ae not in the 70s and 80s anymore where you got sacked if you dyed your hair a colour instead of natural. The world has changed thank goodness and is far freeer with things like hair colour than the world I grew up in.

So go for it:

This is Rose blonde when wet.

Then its a bit scary and very pink but when rinsed and dried its like this:

Brillaint! Just a hint of pink which keeps me happy........I can't explain this but I always like coloured hair best probably my punk roots. But not too much  (hopefully) to annoy the boss because I do need to keep my job.

This is Superdrug's own make Rose Blonde semi-permanent hair dye on a bleached blonde base. OK I reckon! The packet says 30 minutes but I left it on 45 by mistake so probably more intense than 30 minutes would be but its a conditioner so will be good not bad for my hair which is one of the reasons for trying it. Why have a plain old conditioner when you can have a coloured one?

There is definitely a hint of pink. I did not think it was very noticible until I was sitting at my desk and the lady who sits next to me came in and said "Wow! Pink Hair" so obviously you can tell.

Very wearable I think. I bought two more packs. One of Loreal colorista to use when my roots come back and one of superdrugs own conditioner/semiperm colours again in Rose Blonde. Should get me through to autumn I think and I still have colorista in peach, lilac and pink as well if I fancy a dipdyed effect which I bought the week of my birthday.

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Red dress from McCalls

This is yet another version of McCalls M6612. Just the asic vest pattern here with overlocked seams and twin needle ( and overlocked) hems. Very easy and quick.

Not much to say about this dress really. I made it to use with my two red tops.

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Another red top:Burdastyle 02/2014#117

This is Burdastyle 02/2014#117 which can also be used to make a dress. However it does mean I will have to trace it again and right now I am feeling lazy. This top is made from some of my Ikea oriental fabric which I also used for these trousers                                and this top  
I do like the top very much though found the neck a bit too low for me so ended up wearing over my red dress made here . I actually made this as a summer top I could get away with for work but the low V-neck has meant I probably will keep just for "play" instead. I do not feel comfortable with such a plunging neck at work.

Actually, how do you like my new "Deathly Hallows" pendant which was  birthday present?
 Not quite my usual style though it seems most people do not know its from Harry Potter and just think its a random shape.

I did not make any big changes to this pattern other than forgetting to cut the top front piece which you cut into two (if you follow the instructions properly!) to make a yoke. By the time I read it properly and realised I had cut the front out so if I had then chopped it off I would not have had a seam allowance so decided to just omit the front yoke. If you were using this for colour blocking it would have mattered but since its all one print it really makes very little difference. Since this top is made from bits from two previous garments I never bothered to pattern match so its a bit random but I do not mind. 
Its all overlocked but top stitched round the neck and sleeves and hem.
This is the top sticthing on the hem:

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Friday, 14 July 2017

Red top

 I was inspired for this look by Did You Make That's
Yuki Dress The Third

The shoe lace tie is from the same supplier in fact!
So............. I cannot afford to buy any new patterns right now which is sad being as we are in the midst of Indie Pattern Month but whatever, this is my take on the Yuki dress using just what I already own. Except of course this is a top!

I have his pattern which I actually managed to buy by accident in an online sale. At least when the parcel arrived I definitely did not remember ordering it. At the time, as well, I did not consider it to be my style. However, I have used McCalls M6612 loads so it was a good mistake to have made. This time I made view D but with the sleeves. However instead of making view D into a cowl dress I shortened it into a top and left the cowl as a tube which works as a hood.

Its worn here with my birthday skirt:

I think it worked out very well.

The top is made from unknown jersey which is probably cotton bought as an end of roll remnant from Ebay for just 99p. I was very happy to receive this purchase in fact because there was over 5m of it. It is a bit brighter than usually I would buy but at 99p I can cope with that.

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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Lilac Gingham skirt

When I went on my high street window/inspiration to sew - shop back in March I discovered lots of shops selling versions of this pattern:

When I first bought the magazine with this pattern I did not see myself wearing that skirt at all. However a few months later and its summer and I happen to still have some stretch lilac gingham in my stash so why not?

So back in March I traced and cut this skirt out. Then with the never ending thesis writing I did not finish it until now ( by the way I have now finally submitted that thesis!!YEY!)

the back is just a plain skirt:
Unfortunaly by the time I actually got round to sewing this up I forgot what the pattern said and was too lazy to work out which magazine it came out of - note to self write the magazine number as well as the view number on all future patterns! So anyway I did it wrong. Instead of a free flowing frill mine is tied into the front hemline which does work well but is not what the original skirt looked like. Whatever, its a new skirt for summer and I enjoyed wearing it for work despite it really not being at all my usual style.


 Changes I made to the pattern: I omitted the zip completely and added wide elastic because my gingham is very stretchy and to be honest I wanted this finished fast to wear the next morning.

It works, I like it so yes this one is a success. Oh and its worn here with a thrift shop black denim jacket I picked up in a January Sale for £1.98 and a top I made here:
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